North Hill Construction Company - North Hill Construction Crawlspace Repair Scam

Seattle, Washington 0 comments

I hired Mike Pizzuto of North Hill Construction to fix my crawlspace.From all the rain this spring we had water backing up into the crawlspace.

Mike initially told me a pump and some drain lines would fix for about a $1,000. Once Mike started to work the price started to grow. What started as a $1,000 estimate blossomed into a $4,500 job. I am not a engineer but at the end of the day I felt like I had been taken advantage of.

Best I can tell is that we got a pump and some drain lines. On the plus side he was done in 2.5 days. I did ask about permits and was told that I was responsible for getting the permit. I don't recall Mike every mentioning that I had to get the permit.

I felt that NorthHill totally too advantage of our fear of foundation issues and charged us big bucks.I hope Mike Pizzuto can sleep well at night.

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